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Request account closure and deletion of your associated personal details.

You can submit a request for us to permanently close your account on Edukite Apps and delete your personal information linked with the account.

To submit a request on Edukite Apps:

    1. Open the Edukite App and login to your account.
    2. In the bottom right, tap My Account 👤.
    3. Tap My Profile 👤 from the list.
    4. Tap Edit 🖊️.
    5. At the bottom of the page, tap Delete My Account.
    6. Confirm you want to delete your account.
    7. We’ll delete your account and all your personal details within 14 days.

A few things to note if you decide to delete your Edukite Learning App account:
  • If your subscription is active, you may want to cancel all subscriptions before requesting to delete your account. Edukite Apps has no way of ending
    your subscription.
  • We will permanently delete your account within 14 days of the request to delete the account.
  • You can undo your deletion request on the Edukite Learning App from the My Profile page, during the 14 days period until the account has been deleted.
  • Once your account is permanently deleted, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else, and it cannot be restored.
  • If you decide later that you want to start using the Edukite Learning App again, you’ll need to create a new account.

Closing your Edukite Learning App account permanently, means you will permanently lose access to your account details, activity, downloads and more.

We will delete all the information associated with your account from our database.

We retain certain details in hashed version, but we cannot trace it back to you or use it to contact you.